Is This for You?

Who Comes To See Me?

The youth and adults who come to see me may be dealing with systemic oppression, hardships in their relationships or communities, or personal loss. Some have diagnoses of a mental health issue, others either could never or would never want to get diagnosed.

More specifically, I have experience working with people

  • who experience depression, anxiety, sadness, anger, shame or worthlessness;
  • who have urges or habits that might be risky or out of control, like cutting, isolation, substance use, or missing school;
  • who have been harmed by various forms of oppression, like racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, or ableism;
  • who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, and/or borderline personality disorder;
  • who have experienced trauma;
  • who are on the autism spectrum;
  • who experience lived poverty; and
  • who have dangerous or risky ways of coping with distress.


I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation.

Meeting a new therapist can be daunting, and investing in a new therapist before you've connected with them can be doubly so. In our phone conversation, I'll ask you about your hopes for therapy, and give you a sense of what I can provide. We'll talk about what's working in your life and what you're hoping can shift or develop.

Confidentiality - A Note to Youth And Their Parents

When I'm seeing a teenager, they are my client. At the same time, I believe that mental health occurs in the context of community and relationships.

As I work with youth, I provide them with opportunities and options around information-sharing with parents and other safe adults in their life. I will only share information directly to parents when their teenager's life or other lives are in imminent danger.

Alejandra Lindan, MMT, RP, MTA
Registered Psychotherapist #001976 | Music Therapist Accredited #0439